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I started piano lessons at the age of seven, however only when I was a teenager I started learning music that I really loved and my interest in piano skyrocketed. That is why I believe piano lessons should be fun and engaging for students so they want to sit down and practice what they love. To help achieve this I include educational games in lessons with kids to reinforce concepts in a fun and memorable way. Personally, I learned piano in a traditional classical way, I sat my grade 8 and senior cert exams in 2015/16 and I offer grade exams like these to my students, either with the Royal Irish Academy of Music or the Associated board of the royal school of music but they are not compulsory. I completed my bachelors degree in Music from TU Dublin Conservatoire in 2020 majoring in Performance. My sights are now on getting my fellowship level diploma. I use a wide variety of method books with students in my studio. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to find the perfect book for each students unique learning style. Some of my favourites include: piano adventures, get set piano, piano safari, and poco piano. I expect all students I work with to practice regularly (at least 6 days a week). Being consistent is key to success in playing piano. Music is a language and if you don't use it, you lose it! My current clientele make up is 52% adults. The current age range is 5 to 76. I recommend 30 minute lessons for all ages however if a student is either learning advanced repertoire or working on grade 6+ a longer lesson of 45 minutes or one hour may be necessary.

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