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Piano Lessons For All Ages

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Your search for music lessons is over! I specialise in one to one lessons at my home in Hybreasal,  Dublin 8. I find that one to one tuition is the best type of setting to nurture the needs of a student because no two students will have the same needs or learn the same way. I have experience at many many music schools as well as years of private teaching experience. Students enjoy playing on my brand new piano, and access to my many music games which are used to reinforce musical concepts in a Fun way!



Piano lessons are one to one and are offered to students from approximately 5 years of age and older, occasionally I may start with a student who is younger who has a musical background or who has completed a pre-instrumental course. It is however usually best to wait until the age of five when they will have already completed some school so that they can make speedy progress! 
Beginners start with a tutor book(s) with which they will study with for at least a year. I have a wide range of tutor books available in my library to suit every age and level.
Lessons last 30 minutes and occur weekly. I follow a similar calendar as the academic school year but I teach through summer. The summer months are block booked by the month. All parents/ students receive a copy of the calendar at their initial strategy session.

I try to teach piano creatively by utilizing todays technology, using games, improvisation with kids, and having them make their own music. Lessons will be so much fun that your child won't even realise it's a "educational experience." They attend lessons because they enjoy them and
It is in this context that I feel a lifetime love of music and all of its benefits can be instilled. I provide a holistic approach to music education with a balance of repertoire, scales, technique, Aural training, and theory.

WhatsApp 083 199 0861 for more info or email
*initial strategy sessions are completely free but a €15 charge will be incurred for  reschedules if cancelled twice or within 24 hours of the scheduled time*


Sheet Music Edits

Whether you're a complete beginner or haven't taken lessons for quite some time, Adult students are very welcome at Lorcan Cleary Piano. I focus on making music making enjoyable, and rewarding. Lessons are tailored to your preffered style. From Beethoven sonatas to The Beatles, it's time to be making the music you've always wanted!
▪︎I understand Adults have busy lives and will never make you feel guilty for missing a week of practice. Your next lesson could be comprise of a guided practice tutorial. Discover your passion for music making and register today!

*initial strategy sessions are completely free but a €15 charge will be incurred if cancelled within 48 hours of the booked time*


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